Customer Testimonial

Dan“If you are going to trust one person in your transition to India, Dev is the right one. He has helped scale the Cisco presence and without him, we would have never gotten to the size and stature we have. Dev’s ethics and commitment are high, and I would work with him again.”

-Dan Scheinman,
Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems Inc.

Business Transformation

The Fundamental Questions to be answered are

Why Transform?

Organizations need to be geared for change. Greater change means greater opportunity. This requires building and changing your business model, to create an organization flexible and resilient enough to reinvent itself continuously as it works to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles. Because in the on demand era, companies succeed only as long as they can transform themselves-quickly, consistently and with the bare minimum of layoffs, write-offs and uncertainty.

What does a transformed business look like?

It acts quickly, but its decisions are well thought out. It moves like a small company, but delivers like a big one. It overcomes obstacles before competitors see them and grabs opportunities before competitors recognize them. Minimal investments yield maximum profits. Most of all, it delivers, with no excuses.

How to get Started?

  • Begin at the top
  • Introspect
  • Make Transformation pay for itself
  • Talk to us

Help Companies Globalize...

Positive Impact of Globalization

  • Mutually beneficial relationship
  • Sharing of 'Best Practices'
  • We learn, they learn
  • The outsourcing model maturing
  • Leverage learnings from partners
  • Can decrease your time to market
  • Will increase revenue & cash flow
  • Will dramatically decrease your costs
  • Will exponentially increase the talent pool you can draw on

Globalization Challenges -

How will salary appreciation affect my captive operation in the future?
What are the global centres of excellence for IT and BPO?
What is the best way to leverage global talent?
Which elements of the organization are suitable for globalization?
Where does a company find the skilled resources it requires to grow?
How does a company drive innovation in an economically viable way?

Transmation Consulting addresses all the above, providing a Single Window solution to these challenges.
Our services will also include

  • Contract negotiation and SLA development
  • HR and Recruitment, Real Estate, Govt. liaisons, Accounting & Tax, etc.

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