Customer Testimonial

Dan“If you are going to trust one person in your transition to India, Dev is the right one. He has helped scale the Cisco presence and without him, we would have never gotten to the size and stature we have. Dev’s ethics and commitment are high, and I would work with him again.”

-Dan Scheinman,
Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems Inc.

Accelerating Transmation Consulting

Transmation Consulting

Transform the way services, technologies and products are procured,delivered and managed in India for global deployment

Business transformation
  • Provide key executive management initiative
  • Align people, Process and Technology initiatives with business strategy and vision
  • Support and help innovate new business strategies
  • Support a strategic end state
Globalize with an India Footprint
  • Impact of Globalization
  • Captive or Outsourced?
  • India Outsourcing Strategy and Partner Selection
  • Incubating a captive offshore business and strategy
  • Government Factors
  • End to end single window approach
  • Relationship Management
  • Set up the Build, Operate & Transfer(BOT) model based on business demand


Influence M&A and Investment opportunities
  • Market Analysis
  • Help connect with Venture Capital firms and Financing companies
  • Identify Products and Technologies for clients
  • Connect with Technologies, services and product development companies for investment and acquisitions.